Musical STEM Virtual Camp by Davina Perret

Musical STEM Virtual Camp

“Discovering the harmony between music and science.” 

Ages 6-10.  June 1-4th, 9-10 a.m. 

Parks, museums and swimming pools may be closed but this  Zoom/At-Home-Experiment Camp is OPEN!!!

Open to ages 6-10, this Camp will have an hour of Zoom video instruction and discussion each day about topics like sound properties, vibration, harmony, melody and dissonance.  We will explore patterns in nature and music.  For each lesson there will be a hands-on experiment to conduct at home (supplies will be easily found around the home).  We will pick a good weather day for students to come over in person on my front lawn for the Makey Makey Banana Piano circuit experiment, socially distanced of course.  Or you can join us on Zoom and make your own Banana Piano!

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