Preschool Music in Me Online Course by Davina Perret

Preschool Music in Me Online Course

Do you find yourself looking at the blank summer calendar and feel just a little on edge with the amount of time is in each day to occupy your child…

Has our world circumstances made you a working-at-home-parent with little ones running circles around you, begging for attention…

Maybe Pinterest projects are a foreign language, you have run out of ideas for your kiddo and need a little help infusing creativity into your child’s life…

OR maybe you wonder "when is the right time to start piano lessons...."

Parent of little ones, you are in the right place….I got you covered!!!

Maybe the zoo, museums, pools and parks are closed, but my music classes are open and will lead your child in their own imaginary adventure!

I have created this Online course for such a time as this!  

In this course of 6 videos, 24 minutes each, your preschooler will sing, dance, play homemade instruments, learn basic rhythm patterns, and start to learn to navigate the piano.  No piano necessary-I have included a PDF keyboard that can be used for activities.

In your purchase of this course you will receive:
1.  Lifetime access to videos ($150 value)
2.  Two Music Books shipped within 2 days of registration.  These books will be used along with the videos. ($27 value).  I will email you to gather address info.
3.  Instructions for using this course.
4.  PDF of keyboard and music staff paper.
5.  Access to me-feel free to email me with questions you may have!

I teach the Harmony Road Music curriculum, which is an excellent foundation for future musical involvement.  

I look forward to making music with you!


What's included?

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Preschool Music in Me Online Course
Preschool Music in Me Online Course
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